WOW!!! -  FREE - Basic CPR Class available to ALL ATTENDEES!
22 Different Speakers  ~  43 Hours of Jam-Packed Information  
All in One Weekend!
Free CPR Class is First Come - First Serve - Register at Booth 117 - Both Days - see times below.
Here is the 2015 Speaker Schedule as it stands today.  The list will continue to develop as we get closer to the Expo.  We are still waiting on information from some of our Speakers as to the exact topic they will be discussing and will update this schedule as available.  We will also be posting a Speakers Bio containing in depth information about each Speaker as available so please continue to check back on a regular basis.  These schedules will be available in printed form at the Expo.  As always, we try to bring you great Speakers who can not only identify a problem but can also offer an on site solution to address that problem. 
Actionable Information At Its Best!

All classes are FREE to Attendees unless otherwise noted.
Speaker Schedule 5-2-15 Sat 800x1035

Speaker Schedule 5-2-15 Sun 800x1035