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You've never seen an expo like a "Mountain Prepper Expo"!  

We are different.  Meet the man behind the show to find out why:


Bill 221x257CroppedBILL VERNON 

"I've spent 30 years on YOUR side of the table exhibiting at shows - I know what it's like"!

     Back in the 1970's I started a company selling my artwork, sculptures, home decor and gift items in Art Shows throughout the South. It was a tough go to be sure!  In time I learned the ropes and entered into the wholesale gift markets exhibiting at National Trade Shows in every major city across this country.  

    Gradually, I built my business to the point that I had three complete sets of show samples, enough to fill 2-4 booths each headed to these trade shows criss-crossing the USA and exhibiting at each show two times per year!  It was sometimes hard to remember where I or my "stuff" was!

    My company grew to the point where I had a fairly large wholesale manufacturing and resin casting operation, a year around retail store in Gatlinburg, TN and did as many as 50 kiosks in major malls around the country employing as many as 400 people. 

    I know selling and I know trade shows!  But there is one thing I recall hearing at almost every show I exhibited at;  "The only person making any money around here is the promoter"!  Sound familiar?  That has stuck with me over the years.  I've even said it myself.   

    So today, when I decided that the "Prepper" market needed a series of shows / expos to help vendors get their message out and sell their products, I decided to promote my own shows and do it right!  I have adopted one single, central philosophy:  VENDORS FIRST - EXPENSES LOW - PACK 'EM FULL! 

    If you take care of your vendors first they will be happy.  As promoter, I WILL spend whatever I feel is necessary in advertising and promotion to let the public know what the expo is all about.  If you have a BIG turn out... everyone will be happy... the ultimate formula for success! 

    I sure hope you'll join us as we develop a family of Vendors and Attendees who together will build the largest Prepper Show east of the Mississippi.  Maybe even in the entire United States! 

PS: Today, I have long since retired from my manufacturing and retail operations.  Before retiring though I began developing  secluded, mountain communities in Franklin, NC which just so happen to be perfect for Preppers too!  If you are looking for a secure mountain retreat or year around homeplace to build your dream house, check out Featherstone in Franklin NC.  We are about 2/3 sold out but still have several awesome 2 - 4 acre tracts available and owner financing!  One way in - one way out security, killer mountain views, ridge tops, wide paved roads and more.  Visit:  www.BillVernon.com