"Mountain Prepper Home, Gun & Outdoor Expo" 

 ~May 16 & 17 - 2015~
Sevierville Convention Center

202 Gist Creek road
Sevierville, TN
~ 30 Miles East Of
Knoxville, TN ~ 8 Miles Off I-40

on the way to  Pigeon Forge, TN  (7 miles)  and Gatlinburg, TN (13 miles)

Water ~ Food ~ Shelter ~ Protection

The Big Four... Will you be ready when the lights go out? 


All we can say is THANK YOU!  This was without a doubt the largest expo of its kind east of the Mississippi!  Dozens of speakers, vendors, classes and exhibits from around the country focused on emergency preparedness, self reliance and healthy living. Critical items such as long term food storage, water treatment, guns, ammo, emergency medical supplies, alternative power, security and much more are all under one roof for on site purchasing in private! Everything you needed to improve life and prepare for the unexpected.

This was not just a local event... it was a REGIONAL event!  Our TV, radio and print advertising campaign reached at least 100 miles in all directions of the Expo where an estimated TWO MILLION PEOPLE live and call home!   This does not even count our internet marketing efforts. 

In addition, Sevierville, TN is located in one of the most heavily traveled tourist areas in the country.  The Expo is sandwiched between Mothers Day and Memorial Day 2014.  We are also pleased to announce that we have already booked the same facility for next year:  May 16 & 17, 2015!  

THANKS AGAIN to all of our Exhibitors and all those who attended.  We will be even bigger and better next year.  If you are not currently on our mailing list be sure to sign up so we can keep you abreast of future developments!  If you wish to become an Exhibitor please call Jimmy:  828-349-4354


Should YOU be a Prepper?(One who prepares):  You may not be... but your Government is...

Japan never thought they would have a 40' tsunami that took out multiple nuclear power plants.  New Your City never thought they would be swamped by the ravages of a super storm called Sandy.   Remember Hurricane Katrina and what it did to New Orleans and to the countless thousands who were not prepared and spent endless days awaiting help or in dangerous emergency facilities? 

Don't allow yourself or your family to end up in a situation like that.  Take action TODAY and prepare!   The point is simple; from tornado to earthquake to dam burst to blizzard to man made civil unrest, natural catastrophes, terrorist attacks, EMP's, solar storms etc.  Time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all! 

PLEASE... Mark your calendar - Make the trip - Attend the Mountain Prepper Expo and start to prepare even for the slightest disruption NOW.  You owe it to yourself and the ones you love!

"Prepping Is Not Just A Responsibility... It's A Lifestyle"!


 Who Should Attend?

None of us are ever fully prepared for what life throws our way but we can at least try to prepare for the obvious.  This is your opportunity to speak with and learn from the experts on anything you can think of that involves getting you and your family prepared to survive an unforeseen event regardless of its size.

Just review the list on the left side of this page for subjects covered, vendors and information that will be on hand to answer your questions and even provide you with product.  The “Mountain Prepper Expo” is designed to bring professionals in survival and emergency preparedness as well as many other fields together with the general public all under one roof.  

Expos like this are VERY RARE!   When they happen they tend to draw people from miles and miles around thirsting for knowledge and product.   There are so many things to consider when you are "prepping" (preparing) for a potential disaster or even designing your off grid, alternate power living systems. 

If you care about yourself and your family... YOU NEED TO ATTEND!  

The family that "preps" together survives together so don’t’ miss this opportunity to learn from the best.  Remember… you may not be a “Prepper” now but your government sure is!  Are they preparing for “an event” we don’t know about or is it simply the smart thing to do?  You decide.  Hope to see you there!

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