SORRY... The Mountain Prepper Expos have been cancelled. 
Once again our real estate development business has demanded too much of our time.  If we can not bring you the quality Expo that you have come to expect we simply will not do it!  Feel free to sign up for our mailing list so that in the event we decide to promote the Expos once again we can let you know.  We appreciate your interest and support and we'll keep you posted should things change.  THANK YOU and all the best!!!

NOTE:  RK Prepper Shows (Unrelated) promoted a similar type event in our same time slot and at the same location in May 2016.  We were NOT affiliated with RK who is actually one of our competetiors.     

"Preparing You For ALL of Life's Emergencies, Better & Healthier Living!" facebook

May 16 & 17, 2015
Sevierville Convention Center
202 Gists Creek Road, Sevierville, TN  37876
~ 30 Miles East Of Knoxville, TN ~ Exit I-40 @ Exit 407 Then 8 Miles South on SR 66
Winnfield Dunn Parkway - On the way to Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg, TN ~

FREE CPR Training Classes? - WOW!
We've partnered with Prime Medical Training in Knoxville to offer all those attending the Expo these FREE CPR classes on a first come first serve basis.  Classes will be held both Saturday and Sunday.  Click the "Speaker" tab above for the Speaker Schedule and List Of Speakers & their Background.  Visit Booth 117 to register at the Expo or CLICK HERE:

to register at the Prime Medical website for the FREE CPR classes.  NOTE: While you're here become a subscriber to our mailing list and you will be notified in advance of all future events and get the news ahead of the crowd!  Click: "Join Our Mailing List" tab above.  

The Speakers Schedule is Full with
43 Hours of FREE Classes - 22 Different Speakers
Click on the "Speakers" tab above for complete details!

Featured Door Prize:  The Ultimate Medical Survival Bag - 749.00 Value!
We've also partnered with Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy (See Speaker Tab) to bring you their top of the line emergency medical bag as the 2015 featured door prize.  Be sure to register for Nurse Amy's Suture Class, a three hour "hands on" class where equiptment is also provided.  Click below for:
Info On The Door Prize:
Info On Nurse Amy's 3 hour suture class:
Many other door prizes will also be given away at the expo!

Saturday, May 16, 2015      9am - 6pm
Sunday,   May 17, 2015      9am - 4pm
Admission:  10.00 / Adult per Day - 15.00 - For Both Days - Under 12 = Free

The 2015 Expo Will Be Even BETTER!

     We've secured even more booths space with more FREE classes on even broader subjects and a whole host of improvements that are sure to make the May 2015 Expo the best ever.  So be sure to join our mailing list.  We NEVER share your info and only email you when we have something important to say.  If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor - simply click on the "Exhibitor Info" tab above and you'll find everything you need to become a part of this important event.

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Sponsored In Part by the - The Sevierville Convention Center

The First Mountain Prepper Expo was held in May, 2014 and...

     All we can say is THANK YOU!  This was without a doubt the largest expo of its kind east of the Mississippi!  Exhibitors from around the country offering a wide variety of information, products and FREE classes on critical items such as long term food storage, water treatment, guns, ammo, emergency medical supplies and much more - all under one roof for on site purchasing in private! Everything you needed to improve life and prepare for the unexpected.

This Years Exhibitors Logos & Links Line Both Sides Of This Page 

     This is only a partial list of the Exhibitors that will be on hand at this years Expo.  Be sure to check out their websites.  We will continue to update this list and add even more as new Vendors & Exhibitors sign on.

  It's a "Regional Thing"!

      A Mountain Prepper Expo is not just a local event.. it's a regional event!  Our TV, radio, billboard and print advertising campaign reaches at least 100 miles in all directions covering most all of Eastern TN and Western NC where an estimated TWO MILLION PEOPLE live and call home!   This does not count our internet marketing efforts.  NOBODY promotes their Expo better than we do!

 "Prepping Is Not Just A Responsibility... It's A Lifestyle"!

     If you buy any insurance, you are already a Prepper.  However, there is more to being prepared or being a Prepper than than just buying a sack of beans and a couple jugs of water.  It goes much deeper and in our 2015 Expo we intend to address many of the areas that we should all be preparing for.  For instance;
 Are you prepared if you lost your job tomorrow?  What if you were sued?  How would you protect your assets?  How about the loss of a spouse?  What do you do with your money?  Is the banking system safe?  What about investing in the stock market with all the booms and busts we've seen?  What if you became very ill or injure yourself and can not work.  What if your find yourself in the middle of a divorce?  The list goes on and on.  If any one of these events could turn your world upside down and cause you to lose everything you own, you MUST prepare yourself now!

HEALTH... is the most important issue for us all!  However, our food system is seriously flawed.  It is imperative that you learn what you are eating and take action now or you WILL become sick.  We will have several Health orientated Vendors on hand to educate you.  If nothing else... learn the facts and what steps to take now for a much healthier and happier lifestyle!  
HOME IMPROVEMENTS... Learn things you can do to better insulate your home, lower your electric bills, alternative power options, safe rooms, bunkers, just all around things you can do to better secure your home.
SELF RELIANCE & EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS... These two go hand in hand.  75 years ago we lived in a different world.  Families were self reliant.  Many of those skills are being lost in today's "supermarket" world.  Learn how to get back to basics so you can take care of yourself, your family and perhaps even some dear friends when the SHTF event happens.

Should YOU be a Prepper - One Who Prepares?  

     Well, only YOU can decide.  Remember... the time to prepare is NOT once the crisis is upon you!  Do you feel that all is well in the world today?  Do you sometimes get the feeling that things are coming unglued?  Japan never thought they would have a 40' tsunami that took out multiple nuclear power plants.  New Your City never thought they would be swamped by the ravages of a super storm called Sandy.   Remember Hurricane Katrina and what it did to New Orleans and to the countless thousands who were not prepared and spent endless days awaiting help or in dangerous emergency facilities? 

     Don't allow yourself or your family to end up in a situation like that.  Take action TODAY and prepare!   The point is simple; from tornado to earthquake to dam burst to blizzard to man made civil unrest, natural catastrophes, terrorist attacks, EMP's, solar storms, epidemic or pandemic etc.  Time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all! 

     PLEASE... Mark your calendar - Make the trip - Attend the Mountain Prepper Expo and start to prepare even for the slightest disruption NOW.  You owe it to yourself and the ones you love! 


     Take advantage of this special event to get educated.  You are not required to buy a thing.  There is no obligation.  There are no commitments.  You'll be surrounded by other concerned individuals who WILL be the ones who survive the next unforeseen event.  Come join us for the weekend and be one of the healthy, happy, secure survivors! 

Oh Ya... And while you're visiting the Expo in the daytime be sure to check out the "Bloomin' Barbeque & Bluegrass Festival" for some kick-butt BBQ, music and FUN!   

     This is one of the premier BBQ events in the nation folks!  Vendors come from hundreds of miles around to compete for the top prize... BEING THE BEST!  This event is sponsored by the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce and is held yearly on the same weekend as the Mountain Prepper Expo.  Make this one fun filled weekend and gain a better peace of mind to boot.  Bring the family and have a ball.  You just can't go wrong!

Bloomie barbque




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